Game Editor - user level

This is a user-level help for working with the game / map editor. It is meant for administrators, that have the editoir at their disposal (logically)

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1 What it is capable of

Using this editor, you can create / edit existing maps. Add decorations, monster spawns, chests and so on.

2 Recommended usage

It is strongly NOT recommended, to use the game editor on the deployed server.
The basic work with game editor, that has proven itself to be ok, is following:

The game editor is NOT meant for users, so there can be bugs and glitches, that can make entire server crash. Definitelly do not try to post incorrect values to the server, while using the editor
However, it is impossible for general user to use the editor on deployed version, if he is not authorized, since the server will just dump all editor related messages and do not care.
This is secure

3 Basic tools

On the right side, there is a panel with tools. These tools allow to edit certain parts of the map

3.1 Move tool

Using this tool, you can pan on a map by left clicking and dragging your mouse. You however, can not edit the map.

3.2 Decoration tool

This tool allows to add, edit and delete a decoration.

3.3 Wall tool

This tool allows to add, edit and delete walls only. All wall elements are added / deleted / edited in wall layer only.

3.4 Roofs tool

This tool allows to add, edit and delete roofs. Preferred layer for roofs is 6.

4 Layers

There are layers, and some of them are special (see below). Each decoration / floortile / roof or static drawable item belongs to some layer, and item with higher layer is drawn on the top of any item with lower layer.

The layer panel is visible at the bottom of the screen, allowing to switch between view and edit layers
You can also see on the layer panel, where are players, monsters, and walls drawn, in order to organize the layer content better:

4.1 View layer

Allows to draw (view) only decorations of the layer, which is selected. Any decoration in non-selected layer will become hidden. You can choose all attribute, which will draw all the decoration items available

4.2 Edit layer

This specifies, which decorations you will be able to click and edit, and also, when adding a new decoration, to which layer will it be added.

4.3 Special layers

Some layers are special, and provide non standard functionality.

4.3.1 Wall layer

This layer can not be selected in edit mode to put items into. Walls are being automatically assigned to only this layer, when adding a wall using a wall tool

4.3.2 The sort layer

A floortile/wall/decoration object can be added to this layer.
Walls and characters are added to this layer always, and it is done automatically. Any object in such a layer is sorted in a runtime, to provide sprite depth functionality.
Obviously, if some texture item is added, for which the depth functionality will never be needed (such as floortile, rooftile, or some decoration in some cases), then it should not be added to this layer, because you would only increase the computational load for the game, for no reason...

As of game version of dev - 1.9.6, only one decoration / floortile / root can be on one position (virtual array index / absolute) at time within one layer.

5 Brush and editing

In order to edit a map (add decoration / floortile) but even edit exiting ones, a brush is used.
You can open the brush window using N key.
Working with brush is key element for map editing.

5.1 Select / edit mode

You can enable / disable option Allow editing existing items. With this option selected, you will be able to click on exiting items to select them, and later edit them.
It, however, becomes impossible to add a new item on certain positions, if the option is enabled

5.2 Overwrite mode

You can enable / disable option Overwrite when adding to non empty space. With this selected, if there is an item on an exact same spot you are trying to add a new item to, within current edit layer, it will be overwritten

5.3 Brush size

Not yet functional...