Code Testing

This describes how code was tested, and also serves as page for noting down, when what tests were done, because some tests are just designed to run for long time, so they can not be runned along with all the other tests so frequently.
This focuses mainly on random data tests

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1 Introduction

The point of testing is to minimize possibility of error / undefined behavior in our code. The fear from having flawed code is just something terrible, especially, when we are talking about container, which is being used all over the place in our project.
We use random data tests to validate our solution, at cost of time and PC exhaustment.

2 Fibbonaci heap

This relates to the Fibbonaci heap container, written in typescript. The date of code finishment was 26.09.2019, took me 2 evenings to finish.
Container was mainly tested by exhaustive random data, totaling in milion of input data. The test suite ran 26.09.2019, and here is a screenshot.

The methods, that were tested thoroughly, and therefore should be well defined, and safe to use, are following(): Also was tested, that the container forms the trees correctly
I claim, that at the time of passing these tests, the container class FibbonaciHeap.ts had version v. 1.0.0 - stable (you can see that at the class file top comment).
Random tests include: