PVP guide

This page contains high level (user level) description of pvp (Player vs Player combat).
More in-depth description (containing algorithms and implementation details) can be found here

1 Introduction

Player versus player (PvP) combat can be done only in certain areas.
Therefore, players can fight each other, however, special game rules apply in such case.

2 Overhead skull

Skull is a type of overhead property of the player.
Traditionally, the player is not skulled. A player becomes skulled if he initiates a fight with another player in PvP area. That means, that if someone attacks you in the PvP area, and you attack him in return, you will not get skulled, but he will.

2.1 Removal

If player is skulled, the skull lasts until death, or until timer is depleted.
If, however, the player attacks someone in the PvP area, resulting him to get skulled, the skull timer is reset instead (prolonged).

2.2 Death

If player is skulled and he dies no matter the location, he will drop all his items on the floor.
The items will be visible to player who dealt most damage to him, and after some period of time, visible to anyone.
Dying with skull removes the skull overhead property

2.3 Skull types

There are various types of skulls.
They all have same property as explained above, but in addition, they are displaying to everyone approximate wealth carried by owner.
The skull types are in following table:

0 - 1000
1000 - 100 000
100 000 - 2 000 000