Fixes plus preparation for global market stats page

This is update to version dev - 2.2.3.

One of the largest changes is that we are preparing to create global market stats page, and therefore, the game server core was updated.
Also, registered players may see their trading history (in the global market interface)

Apart from that, here is rough changelog:

[*] fix bug where removing dead player on the client side resulted in error,
if the player died in a map where he respawns
[*] fix bug where gem stat modifier was incorrectly displayed on the client side + fix client error if stats happened to ne null
[*] fix client-side health displayment bug
[*] fix item size (in dbs)
[*] no longer allow to set sold item cost to 0 using the price modifier buttons (glabal market, client side)
[*] add global market history and allow user to see it
[*] format the costs in global market data displaying (client side)
[*] log the transactions to another table to be able to calculate market prices