Drop tables update and fixes. Version dev - 2.3.2

A new update to version dev - 2.3.2.

Mainly, the drop table system has been reworked. Now, each monster has a much larger variety of drops to grant.

  • Prayer bonus is fully functional for items, stat trees, and so on.
  • Item moving within inventory was reworked completely, fixing a few inconsistencies and making the code nicer. It was tested for both Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.
  • When moving an item within an inventory, a marker is now displayed, visualizing, where the item would be moved....
  • When hovering over a gem item in the inventory, the combat class relation (magic/melee) is shown
  • It is no longer possible to equip gem into an item, where gem's and item's class relation (magic/melee) does not match
  • global market's search options were improved
  • format the date in global market search box
  • no longer display ,null, for offer done by guest
  • the total cost will now get updated, when item is about to be sold in the global market window for the first time
  • allow to filter out player's own offers in global market search
  • whenever moving a ui window, that window will become the top-most.
  • Newly shown windows will also be top-most
  • when hovering over an offer in global market list, the item is now shown along with all stats and properties
In other news, the sql-related core system went through some serious changes