Game update ver. 1.5.3

A game update (v. dev - 1.5.3) is here. Below you can see a changelog:

Core system:
  • the game now uses certificate-based encryption for all game data and sensitive information
  • using an item will result in player moving towards a useable object and then use it automatically
  • speed of attack is now derived from weapon speed, and some weapons have their own attack speed, making for example dagger faster than a sword
  • ranged attack is now implemented, and animation of a projectile missile is displayed
  • move tentacle monsters to different map
  • add a table to map, where user can get health potions for free
  • upon death, all equipment items are dropped now (along with inventory content)
  • spellbook was added, containing some abilities (spells). A spell can be used to be auto casted, resulting in ranged attacking
  • any dropped item will remain on map for 3 minutes, and after that, it disappears
  • any dropped item will become visible to everyone after 1 minute
  • the entire game has now english language as default, and translations for most of the console messages are implemented
  • display hover text when hovering over an item in inventory, or over an item which is equipped
  • display options menu when clicking on the item which is equipped
  • update player model and animations. Re-render player, zombie models, and animations
  • walls will be drawn as transparent, when a character is near them, only the correct wall chunks now receive transparency. Finished and tested.
Bug Fixes:
  • fix bug where a user was able to equip an item to non-existent slot id
  • fix bug where an item was unable to be unequipped
  • fix bug where player playing at PC was removed from map at map transition, and then added again, however clearing any info about possessed items (worn). This was leading to only cosmetic errors and warnings on the client side, but the server state was intact, and rules could not be broken -> there was no way how to exploit this bug to gain anything...
  • appearence was greatly improved
  • user is now able to change his password
  • improve registration form javascript validation, to make registrations less teadious and more user friendly...
We are still working on the project, and more game updates will come in the future.