Account Guide

The Accounts

Anyone can create an acccount. The account can be created here.
However, for those that do not want to bother by creating an account, there is option to play as guest, which allows user to play game instantly, but no progress is saved.

Guest user

Every time you click on button Play as Guest, temporary account is created.
All progress you make in game lasts until closing browser or logging out.
When playing again as guest, you will begin with blank account without any progress.
Moreover, you will not appear in highscores and other players in game will not be able to add you as friend nor send you private message using the friends list interface. However, when you will be in lobby and user clicks on you, he might kick you from lobby, or send a message (which, however, will not be saved in any communication history)

Registered user

By creating account, any game progress you make is saved automatically, and you can see your stats, level up and fully enjoy the game content.
Players might add you as friend, send you game invites, and you can see message history with your friends


You control a hero in the game world. You can explore the world, slay monsters, or fullfill quests.


For complete list of controls, head to the game here and navigate to

MainMenu Options Controls